Monday, February 2, 2009

My baby lost her first tooth!!!

We are at our SuperBowl Party and AJ started snacking on apples. She took a bite and made a funny face. I asked her if she lost her loose tooth. ( BackStory: this tooth has been loose for over a year) She checked and said YES!! I got excited and said Let me see. She opens her mouth and it is full of ABC (already been chewed, for all you non-parents) apples! I told her I cant see anything, swallow your apple then Ill check. So my obedient (ha!) child did so. I checked and yep it was gone. Then someone said Well where is it? I was like oh crap, I told her to swallow. She swallowed her tooth also.

This morning she got VERY upset because the tooth fairy didn't leave her anything because of her tooth not being there. I told her too look in her pillowcase since that was where she use to leave her pacifiers. She came running back, happy that she had left $7. Needless to say, we started off the day on a good note!!!

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