Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quilt for Maddie Leigh

I finished this quilt a few months ago but couldn't post pictures since it was a gift. THEN I forgot to bring it to my cousin, Brooke's baby shower!! To my quilting friends: yes I asked my husband to turn around since we were only and hour and a half on the road, but he said no. Which brings us to now... Princess Brooke has had her beautiful baby, Maddie Leigh.

Here are a few pics of Maddie's quilt:

Full Size



Miss Ramona helped me with the basic pattern in class. Since I finished early, I went ahead and added a one or two in inner borber and a four inch outer border. The other problem was that I bought all the material for the back according to the pattern. I didnt know I was going to add the borders. The ladies at Quakertown Quilts are always more that helpful so they suggested the middle strip in the opposite colors. For the label, I decided to add in my very beginning embroidery skills. Its not the best but it's in my handwriting which is pretty cool.

This quilt was probably the easiest pattern Ive used but it was definately the hardest to piece together. Overall, I am very proud of it and will probably make another in the same pattern.


Im about to start painting the walls of my house for the sole reason of putting pictures on the walls! I HATE not being able to see my pictures. Ive been looking at different frames to do a frame wall but then came across this site for poster printing.

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I'm getting a 16 X 20 photo poster print but I haven't decided what pic yet.

- Prize will be (1) 16x20 photo poster print for a lucky winner.
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Leave me a comment telling me what summer print you would have printed if you win. This contest will end Saturday. One entry per person. Check back all week for more giveaways.