Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Its been just over 2 years since I lost my grandmother. She was and continues to be a major inspiration in my life. Yesterday I walked up to A.J.'s school to pick her up as I normally do. I saw a group of moms and just walked up and started talking to them. Anyone that knows me, knows that's pretty much normal too. One lady said " I have to ask about your shirt." I was thinking, its just a work shirt. She asked if it was a family business. I said yes and she kind of smirked. She said she was a nurse and had a patient by that name. I smiled and said Juanita? Instantly her eyes teared up with joy! She was like yes, we loved that woman! I starated laughing and said so do I. I told her about her passing and she was amazed. My grandmother was not expected to live through her surgery, much less another 10 years. We talked about having to switch her back and forth from hospitals and such. Then she said she remembered a kid would always bring her dog up there, which was against the rules but they let it slide for her. I cracked up laughing. I told her that kid was me. I would take her Yorkie, Phantom, in my backpack and let her pet him. Of course, I know how special she was, but it was really nice to hear from a stranger that was touched by her too.


In the tent said...


Weather is confusing here in So. CA. A couple of days ago it was 55, today 99!

My Give Away, if I haven't told you already:

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I hope you are having lovely Spring weather where you live!

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Lorrikg said...

Valerie and I will be at 1/2 price sign up, we are going to sign up for the first Saturday course and we are bringing a few friends with us. We can't wait.

I saw your finished quilt, it looks awesome. I am almost finished with mine, I will post it soon.