Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yesterday I drove to pick up AJ as I always do. Pulled up to the school and SHE'S NOT THERE!!! I stayed calm thinking Daddy picked her up. Then I remembered he was on the other side of town. I told the teachers I just live 3 blocks away...Ill be right back. So I drove home and she is outside a neighbors house. SHE WALKED HOME BY HERSELF!!!! I dont think Ive ever been that mad in my life. I called the school to let them know. At the same time her teacher knocks on my door to help find her. Trav pulls up and sees the teacher over there so he knew something was up. I know it's the schools fault for allowing AJ to leave but I was soooo mad at her for actually leaving. She said she was scared, but she thought Daddy was home so it would be ok. Needless to say, hopefully, she wont be doing that again.

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